A.Vogel Dandelion Drops 50ml


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  • The Dandelion is well known for its flower, its roundel of seeds and its trademark smell. Far from discarding it as an invasive weed, our gardeners carefully nurture their annual crop, using the fresh leaves and roots of this undervalued plant to help produce this A.Vogel herbal food supplement.
  • Dandelion has a long tap root and many who have tried to weed it out of gardens or flower beds will be familiar with how difficult it is to get the whole root out of the ground. When dried, dandelion root has been used to make coffee substitutes. Dandelion leaves can be eaten raw, in salads.
  • Dandelion root and leaves have also been used for centuries in healthcare. The Arabian physicians extolled the virtues of dandelion as early as the tenth and eleventh centuries and in the 13th century the Welsh recognised its beneficial properties.
  • It is then no wonder that?Alfred Vogel?thought so highly of the use of dandelion root and leaves – to this day it is treated with great respect.


Tincture of organically grown fresh leaves and roots of?Taraxacum officinalis?(Dandelion), extracted in alcohol (50%v/v).

Adults:?15 drops, in a little water 3 times daily.
Children:?This product is not recommended for children.

Do not exceed stated recommended daily dose.

Avoid during pregnancy or if breast-feeding.
Keep out of reach and sight ofchildren.
Store in a cool dry place.


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