Cleanmarine Krill Oil 60 capsules


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– Pure, concentrated?Omega-3 with Phospholipids
– Higher EPA & DHA levels
– Supports heart, brain, vision
– Fast absorption, doesn?t repeat like fish oils

Each capsule contains 590mg of concentrated, high strength Omega-3 with Phospholipids?now with even higher levels of EPA, DHA, Astaxanthin and Choline. This concentrated formula provides the essential fatty acids required for the normal function of the heart, brain and vision.

EPA and DHA are classed as essential fatty acids because they cannot be made efficiently by the body and must be obtained through the diet.

Superior Omega 3

The EPA & DHA in Krill Oil is carried by phospholipids. This is the same type of fat our cells are made from, this makes them more easily absorbed by the body than the triglyceride form of Omega 3 ?found in fish oils. This means not only do you need less of it, one small capsule, but you also avoid the unpleasant after-taste or reflux common with fish oils.


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