Curanatura Bamboo Toothbrush Extra Soft Junior


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The junior bamboo toothbrush has natural, extra soft, straight-trimmed bamboo based bristles for the gentle and efficient cleaning of young teeth and gums. The head is a perfect size for little mouths and the bristles are made from bamboo dust mixed with nylon 4 – approximately 90% bamboo, 10% nylon. Nylon 4 is a BPA and phthalate free, naturally biodegradable polyamide and is widely considered as one of the most tolerable plastics from a health point of view. The handle is easy for little hands to grasp, and has a cute bunny etched into the bamboo (who can also be coloured in to differentiate each toothbrush).


Designed in Slovakia and made in China using bamboo grown in the producer’s private bamboo ‘forest’. The bamboo mix bristles are made by steaming and drying bamboo material which is then ground to dust. This dust is mixed with nylon 4 and pulled into the bristles.
Packaged in a biodegradable, recycled Kraft card box.


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