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Himalayan salt lamps are made from beautiful pink Himalayan salt that is mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. The natural colour of a salt lamp creates an orange or pinkish glow that can add beauty to any décor.


Each Himalayan Salt Lamp lamp comes with a UK plug and includes a 15-watt clear bulb.


Salt lamps emit negative ions, which work like natural ionizers keeping the air clean. Negative ions attach themselves to dust, pollen, mould, fungus and odours. This is known to be very beneficial for respiratory health. Salt lamps also minimise the effect of positive ions from EMF?s and electronic devices, while the natural colour of the lamp reinforces the rejuvenating and healing influence.


Himalayan salt lamps make a great addition for any space: in your bedroom, at the office, next to your computer, next to your television, or anywhere else you want to brighten a space with a beautiful glow. For maximum benefits, we recommend leaving your lamp on as much as possible.


These salt lamps are handmade, making each piece unique. Colour and shape may vary.

Salt lamps have hygroscopic properties and readily absorb moisture out of the atmosphere. To dust your salt lamp, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Salt lamps may sweat with excessive humidity. If moisture begins to collect on the surface of your salt lamp, turn it off and wipe it down with a cloth. Please keep a dish or coaster under the salt lamp to protect delicate surfaces. For indoor use only. We suggest using a 15-watt clear bulb in our salt lamps.


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