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A good nights sleep has crucial effect on the body?s ability to recover and wake up feeling sharp and rested. The Melissa Dream? tablet is based on a combination extract made from lemon balm, chamomile and green tea plus vitamin-B and magnesium. Lemon balm contributes to a normal and calm sleep. Vitamin-B and magnesium helps the nervous system to function correctly. B-vitamins: thiamine, niacin, B6 and magnesium, which contributes to normal psychological functions such as, concentration, learning, memory and reasoning.

CHAMOMILE (Matricaria chamomilla?L.)

Chamomile is a one year herb, which can be up to 20-40 cm high. Chamomile are growing wildly, but are also grown at farms. The plant has its origins in sourthern Europe and Asia, but was sooner brought to middle and northern Europe as well.

LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis?L.)

Melissa Dream is produced only from chosen lemon balm leaves and chamomille flowers, which are picked, dried and extracted for the desired plant substances to be preserved. This guarantees a high quality.


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