Terra Nova Quercetin Nettle Complex 50 Capsules


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Quercetin is a high-strength non-citrate bioflavonoid, found in high quantities in apples and onions and is extremely useful in treating allergies. Fresh cold-dried nettle has a strong natural?antihistamine action?.?Nettle is an important source of calcium and magnesium.?It also provides the body with various nutrients, which are known to enhance the function and / or bioavailability of calcium in the body (and especially in the bones), such as boron, vitamin K, vitamin D, silicon, zinc and vitamin C.

Turmeric is traditionally used to create a shield against specific allergenic stimuli.?The natural curcumin compounds of turmeric root are one of the most powerful sources of free radical fight. Elderflower contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids and has a positive effect on bronchial expectoration thus ensuring the?support of the respiratory tract against allergens.


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