Terra Nova Vitamin B12 500mg 50 Capsules


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A combination of Vitamin B12 with a unique complex of plant ingredients called Magnifood including parsley leaves, ginger, dandelion, beetroot, gentian root, rice bran for maximum absorption. Vitamin B12 is mainly contained in food of animal origin, and this is why vegetarians or people who do not consume adequate amounts of animal food often have a B12 deficiency. It has a significant role in building healthy red blood cells and helping our central nervous system function properly. It is the only vitamin from the B complex the surplus of which can be stored in our body. Surplus is stored in our liver and retracted each time we don?t receive sufficient quantities. This is why it takes a long time ? even years ? to diagnose B12 deficiency even if our regular intake is inadequate as long as the stored surplus exists. 100% natural, with no chemical additives and preservatives.


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