Veri Beri Blueberry Fruit Stripes 50g


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Gluten Free & Sugar Free Snacks!

If you like something more on the sweet side, then you going to love?Veri Beri Fruit Stripes. These Blueberry fruit stripes are made with love, using 100% fruit with no additives, preservatives or artificial flavourings or colouring’s.

VERI BERI fruit stripes are rich in fibres, which are beneficial to our digestive system. Fruit stripes do not stain fingers, are packed in convenient and easy to carry pouch with a zip lock for multi-time use, which makes them an easy snack to have at school, in a workplace or a car.

Ingredients: apple puree concentrate, apple juice concentrate, blueberry juice concentrate (5%), gelling agent ? citrus fruit pectin, citrus dietary fibre, natural flavouring.


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